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Why hire a Acrovita practitioner for my health and fitness?
We provide you safe, effective wellness programming, accountability, motivation, and evaluations to chart progress toward your goals. Acrovita practitioners are degreed and licensed individuals who are experts in their respective fields. Because of our high level of professionalism, you can be certain you are hiring the best. We empower you to implement the healthy strategies we identify to achieve your wellness goals. We expect you to fully commit to your program to get your desired results. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your service, your service cost will be reimbursed.

Who are your typical clients?
We develop programs for clients of all ages, medical backgrounds, fitness levels, and goals. Our clients recognize we are the area's premier wellness practitioners delivering the highest quality of service with documented results. We operate a holistic model, that not only focuses your body, but your overall quality of life. We will advocate for you to your healthcare professionals and help you navigate the medical system to empower your well-being.

How can I be sure I will be happy with my service?
We are very confident that you will feel empowered to improve your well-being after each session through the instruction and expertise of our practitioners. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Acrovita experience, we will refund your service at 100% of service cost. We encourage your feedback to ensure we continue to deliver the exceptional wellness services you expect.

What are the credentials of Acrovita practitioners?
All of our practitioners have degrees and certification in their areas of expertise. You can examine our biographies here:

Do Acrovita practitioners have a background check?
Yes, all Acrovita team members are offered positions with our company after an intensive background check and interview process. Our team members display the utmost in integrity and are trained to create a safe and respectful atmosphere when practicing in your home. All staff background checks are on file and can be reviewed on request.

What is the difference between a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer?
Physical Therapists are degreed healthcare professionals licensed to practice in their individual states. After a vigorous graduate collegiate curriculum most current graduates have doctorate of physical therapy. Physical Therapists diagnose and treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the very oldest, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limits their abilities to move and perform functional activities as well as they would like in their daily lives. Physical therapists examine each individual and develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. In addition, Physical Therapists work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

A personal trainer may have been certified through one of the main credentialing bodies (ACE, ACSM, AFAA, NSCA) and has a basic knowledge of fitness and nutrition programming for healthy individuals. Not all trainers even have a certification. Personal trainers typically have no advanced or university training in health or fitness related fields. These individuals are not regulated by the state and certification criteria varies immensely between organizations. When choosing to hire a personal trainer it is important to familiarize yourself with the trainers background and experience before hiring. Our recommendation would be to hire an ACSM certified trainer, as that is the only credentialing body that requires a bachelors degree in a health and fitness related field and requires continuing education to maintain the certification.

What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?
A registered dietitian is an expert in food and nutrition. Registered dietitians have fulfilled specific requirements, including having earned at least a bachelor's degree, completed a supervised practice program and passed a registration examination, in addition to maintaining continuing education requirements for recertification. Acrovita dietitians promote good health by teaching proper eating, developing modified, but enjoyable eating, and educating individuals and groups on good nutritional habits. Registered dietitians are not only food and nutrition experts, they are leaders in the field of dietetics. In the United States, only people who have specified educational credentials can call themselves "dietitians" - the title is legally protected. The term "nutritionist" is also widely used; however, the term nutritionist is not regulated as dietitian is and is not an accurate term to give to a dietitian. A nutritionist is not a dietitian, as a dietitian is registered to a national board and accredited and a nutritionist is neither. People may call themselves nutritionists without the rigorous professional requirements of registered dietitians, including those without any nutrition training or education. It is not recommend you rely on the title "nutritionist" for expert nutrition information.

Do you communicate with my health care providers?
Yes. Prior to your doctor's appointment, we complete a quick assessment to note your current program and wellness status that we can fax, email, or give to you to deliver to your MD during your appointment time. We feel we are apart of your healthcare team and welcome opportunities to advocate on behalf of your health to your physician. We appreciate recommendations, precautions, or any communication from other health professionals and will implement into your program as needed. Please feel free to invite your Acrovita practitioner to attend your appointment and meet your doctor or therapist to discuss your wellness plan. We enjoy the opportunity to open lines of communication and create an integrated wellness team to empower your well-being.

What can I expect during my Acrovita session?
Initial Appointment (60-75 minutes):

Physical Therapy and Fitness Services may be composed of some or all of the following to assess your current health status:
> Interview: Review medical history and discuss wellness goals.
> Cardiovascular: Walking or step test to measure cardiovascular recovery and heart health.
> Flexibility: Range of motion and flexibility tests to identify tight joints and muscles that limit function or increase pain
> Body Composition: Body fat, Lean body mass, circumferential & caliper measurements to identify areas to be improved through proper nutrition and weight loss.
> Strength: Upper body, trunk and lower body strength tests to identify areas of muscle imbalance.
> Posture: Posture screen to identify muscle imbalance and correct postural pain syndromes.
> Balance: Tests that identify balance and coordination issues

Subsequent appointments: (up to 60 minutes)
Your session will be specific to your goals, but may include:
> Report/Assess: Current health status and progress toward wellness goals. Evaluate progress if needed.
> Warm-Up: Prepare body for exercise
> Exercise: Execution of individualized plan which may include, strengthening, yoga, Pilates, cross training, aquatics, interval training, cardiovascular training, etc.
> Flexibility: Guided flexibility training (manual or verbally directed) for general stretching of specific areas of tightness without compensations
> Deep breathing and relaxation

What are your safety standards?
All Acrovita practitioners maintain an updated CPR certification and have been trained in emergency situations that may be encountered when in your home. We also create an emergency plan on you initial visit so that we have access to emergency numbers & procedures immediately.

What services do you offer?
Fitness, Physical Therapy, Nutrition
Coming Soon: Pilates/Yoga, Massage, Stress-Management

How do I set up an appointment?
Call (314) 625-2625 or email us to set up your appointment. We will send you preliminary paper work to be completed prior to your first session or you may click here to download those forms.

Can I chose with whom I work?
We will do everything possible to match you with a requested staff member. Especially if you desire a mix of techniques used for your program. We will recommend a staff member based on your needs and our Acrovita practitioner's expertise.

Does my home have to be clean?
Please have a cleared space in which to safely complete your program. You do not need to clean for our arrival. Our sessions focus on your health and well-being.

What equipment do I need?
Your Acrovita practitioner will provide all equipment necessary to complete your designed program. If you continue your home exercise program, your practitioner may recommend some equipment pieces to purchase if you so desire.

What shall I wear?
Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Athletic shoes are typically the recommended footwear for fitness and PT sessions.
Massage: Our therapists will bring the appropriate linens in which to properly drape you. It is up to you what you feel comfortable wearing during the massage session.

Are PT/Fitness sessions painful?
Open communication is key to providing exceptional service. If anything is ever painful, we want to know immediately so a different exercise can be selected. Our motto is NO Pain... period.

What is your cancellation policy?
If unable to make a scheduled appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice. For all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time, the full session fee will be charged. A phone call or email are the preferred methods of notification.

What are your prices?
Initial Evaluation: Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Fitness: $125
Nutrition, Fitness, and Therapy after Initial Evaluation: $90
Massage: $90

Why don't you accept health insurance reimbursement for Physical Therapy or Nutrition?
By utilizing our services, you can directly access physical therapists, dieticians, and wellness professionals at a time and location convenient for you. We eliminate red tape and serve you, our client, based on your best interest and goals, not the interests of Medicare or an insurance company. We address your well-being from a holistic, preventative perspective, unlike the current health care delivery system's focus of medicating symptoms, while overlooking lifestyle contributors and physical imbalances that can be corrected non-pharmaceutically. We are happy to refer to physical therapy and nutrition practices that do accept insurance. Please contact us for more information.

Should I tip for my services?
Tipping is not expected by any Acrovita practitioner.

Do you have references?
Yes, please call (314) 625-2625 for references as we respect our client's privacy and do not display their contact information publicly. Please also review our client testimonials and rating (membership required) for references.


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