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An Acrovita Physical Therapist will...
> Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, medical history and fitness level.
> Intelligently construct your wellness program considering your medical and physical limitations, as well as your unique goals.
> Ensure safe execution of your fitness program.
> Allow direct access to a physical therapist at a time and location convenient for you.
> Interpret and advocate for you to help you understand your medical conditions.
> Provide non-pharmaceutical intervention that focuses on identifying and correcting the cause for pain and/or dysfunction such as unhealthy movement patterns or muscle imbalances.
> Educate and instruct to prevent poor body mechanics and muscle imbalances that could lead to pain and dysfunction.
> Create your wellness portfolio including: written and illustrated exercise program, fitness log, evaluation results, and health tips.
> Maximize your adherence, self-discipline and success with fitness goals identified by your physical therapist and chosen by you.
> Reassess as needed to track progress. We hold you accountable to your goals.


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Acrovita empowers your well-being through innovative fitness, physical therapy,
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