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As a unique individual, it is essential that you have a program specifically designed for YOU. Your program will be specialized considering your medical history, strengths, weaknesses and goals. The following is a basic outline of what you can expect during your fitness sessions.

Initial Appointment (60-75 minutes):
> Interview: Review of your medical history and wellness goals.
> Vital Signs: Your resting heart rate and blood pressure will be taken.
> Cardiovascular: Walking or step test to measure cardiovascular recovery and heart health.
> Flexibility: Range of motion and flexibility tests to identify tight joints and muscles that limit function and/or cause pain.
> Body Composition: Body fat, Lean body mass, circumferential & caliper measurements to identify areas to be improved through proper nutrition and weight loss.
> Strength: Upper body, trunk and lower body strength tests to identify areas of muscle imbalance.
> Posture: Posture screen to identify muscle imbalance and correct postural pain syndromes.
> Balance: Tests that identify balance and coordination issues.
> Functional Testing: Identifying functional deficits, if any, with daily activities.
> Specialized testing: Tests specific to your medical history and goals.

Subsequent appointments: (up to 60 minutes)
Your session will be specific to your goals, but may include:
> Verbal report/assessment of current health status and progress toward wellness goals. Review results of fitness assessment in wellness portfolio as needed.
> Warm-Up: Prepare body for exercise.
> Exercise: Execution of individualized plan which may include strengthening, yoga, Pilates, cross training, aquatics, balance, interval training, cardiovascular training, etc.
> Flexibility: Guided flexibility training (manual or verbally directed) for general stretching of specific areas of tightness without compensations.
> Deep breathing and relaxation/cool down.

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