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Common reasons for hiring an Acrovita massage therapist:
> I wanted to do something special for my mom. She is always complaining of aches and pains and I know she enjoys the gift of a once a month massage.
> I reward myself by scheduling a massage after signing a new client or completion of my last marathon, a full body massage helps me relax and mentally celebrate my hard work.
> I want someone professional-no funny business. I trust Acrovita practitioners because they always respect my modesty and deliver a high quality massage. It is amazing how they can transform my home into a high quality spa.
> My employees are invaluable to me. During tax season, I was able to set up a massage day where everyone was able to get a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage to help ease tension and be more productive. It was great way to help them get through a busy season.
> Offering a free chair massage at our convention booth was a great way to interact with more clients and stand out at our convention.


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