massage pricing

Massage Sessions: $60 for 30 minutes; $90 for 1 hour; $125 for 1.5 hours; $165 for 2.0 hours; $75/hour for each additional hour (events, parties, or groups). Call for pricing for multiple therapists.

What to Expect
> Acrovita professional to arrive set up 10 minutes prior to scheduled massage time. Please notify if massage table is requested.
> Prior to massage, your Acrovita therapist will discuss areas of concern and focus during the massage
> Performance of professional therapeutic soft tissue massage with modest draping and linens provided for the full time scheduled
> Acrovita Professionals will provide massage products and music, unless client provides a preferred alternative
> Clients may chose to wear as much clothing as they wish, however, our massage therapists are professionals and will modestly drape clients for their comfort.
> Please allow the Acrovita Professional an additional 10 minutes post-massage to disassemble table, collect items and tidy space.
> Acrovita Professionals provide professional massage only.
> Massage tables and massage chairs are available on request.


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