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An Acrovita registered dietitian will...
> Design your nutrition program and identify goals to improve your health and well-being.
> Understand your medical history and consider all potential medical contraindications in designing a nutrition program for you.
> Allow direct access to a dietitian at a time and location convenient for you.
> Interpret and advocate for you to help you understand your medical conditions.
> Provide non-pharmaceutical intervention focused on correcting nutrition deficits, weight control, stress management, and enjoyment of food.
> Identify and prevent potential metabolic disease which may lead to further medical complications if left uncorrected.
> Create a wellness portfolio for you including: written nutrition program, meal plans, evaluation results, and health tips.
> Maximize adherence, self-discipline and success by empowering you to work toward nutrition goals.
> Reassess progress as needed to track progress. We hold you accountable to your goals.
> Collaborate with you to achieve success


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