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Acrovita physical therapists treat individuals of all ages, medical histories, illnesses, and injuries that may limit the ability to perform daily activities. While some clients have multiple complicating medical conditions that may limit their daily function, others may have goals to improve athletic performance or have a safe exercise program designed to be more active. All of our clients have the same goal of safely building a stronger body to lead a healthy, active life. By choosing an Acrovita practitioner, you are guaranteed the professionalism of a physical therapist designing your program to empower your wellness.

Common reasons for hiring an Acrovita practictioner:
> I want to be stronger and have more endurance so I can play with my grandkids.
> I want to be able to go up and down a flight of stairs without pain so that I can avoid knee surgery and/or moving to a one level home.
> I feel stiff, and I have noticed that it is getting more difficult to play golf without pain. I would like to improve my flexibility so I can play better without hurting myself.
> I am a dentist and I have chronic neck pain. How can I make my neck feel better? How can I exercise safely without hurting my neck?
> I just had surgery and I am nervous about starting an exercise program that is safe for me.
> My personal trainer made my shoulder hurt. I know there must be a safer way for me to exercise. I want to make sure I am doing exercises that are good for me.
> I want to know what I can be doing to move around my house safely so that my kids don't move me to a nursing home.
> I have a prescription for physical therapy, but I am having difficulty making it to my appointments because of transportation. My insurance company said I don´t qualify for homecare since I am not considered "homebound". I am willing to pay out of pocket for a physical therapist to come to my house, simply so I don´t have to drive.
> I want my therapist treating me, not other patients during my treatment time.
> I have just been discharged from physical therapy because I have reached a plateau, and my insurance company will no longer pay for the sessions. However, I do not feel I am where I want to be yet, and I would like to continue.

***Physical therapists in Missouri are able to develop wellness and fitness programs for clients who have chronic conditions without a physician´s prescription. If your condition is a new onset, then we request a physician´s prescription to deliver your care. We would be happy to communicate this with your physician.


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