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As a unique individual, it is essential that you have a program specifically designed for YOU. Your program will be specialized, considering your medical history, strengths, weaknesses and goals. The following is a basic outline of what you can expect during your physical therapy sessions.

Initial Evaluation (60-75 minutes):
> Interview: Review medical history and discuss your personal functional and wellness goals.
> Vital Signs: Your resting heart rate and blood pressure will be taken.
> Cardiovascular: Walking or step test (as able) to measure cardiovascular recovery and heart health.
> Flexibility: Range of motion and flexibility tests to identify tight joints and muscles that limit function or increase pain.
> Strength: Upper body, trunk and lower body strength tests to identify areas of muscle imbalance.
> Posture: Posture screen to identify muscle imbalance and correct postural pain syndromes.
> Balance: Tests that identify balance and coordination issues
> Functional Testing: Identify functional deficits with daily activities.
> Specialized testing: Tests specific to your medical history and goals.
> Body Composition (as deemed appropriate): Body fat, Lean body mass, circumferential & caliper measurements to identify areas to be improved through proper nutrition and weight loss. Note that some physical therapy clients may not desire body composition as part of their evaluation. It is available on request.

Physical Therapy Session: (up to 60 minutes)
Your session will be specific to your goals, but may include:
> Verbal Report/Assessment: Current health status and progress toward wellness goals. Evaluate progress if needed.
> Warm-Up: Prepare body for exercise.
> Exercise: Execution of individualized plan which may include, strengthening, yoga, Pilates, cross training, aquatics, balance, interval training, cardiovascular training, etc.
> Flexibility: Guided flexibility training (manual or verbally directed) for general stretching of specific areas of tightness without compensations.
> Manual physical therapy techniques as deemed appropriate and necessary.
> Deep breathing and relaxation/cool down.


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