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Common reasons for hiring an Acrovita practitioner:

> I am pregnant and have read that exercising during pregnancy is healthy for mom and baby! How should my exercise program change through my trimesters?
> I just had my baby and I want to get back into shape.
> I want to improve my golf game by learning a strengthening and flexibility program that is golf-specific.
> I want someone to keep me accountable to my exercise program. If I don't have someone to check in with, I won't do it.
> My doctor just told me I need to lose weight and increase my physical activity. I don't know where to start.
> My family wants to make a change. Teach us how to make better food choices and get more exercise together.
> I love diversity in exercise. If I do one thing for too long I get bored. I have an interest in yoga and Pilates can you make each session unique so I stay interested?
> I am training for the police academy and having trouble with the strength tests. What are exercises I should be doing so I can pass?
> My son is 12 and is overweight. How do we as a family help him to become more active and eat healthier food without making him feel bad about himself?
> It is time to do something. I have put off losing weight for too long. I don't want to go to the gym...too loud and dirty. I just want a safe program that works for me in my home.
> I just need some guidance to get me started on the right path. Seeing where I am will keep me motivated to continue my exercise program independently.
> We have a beautiful home gym constructed in our home, but just looking at it is not helping me lose weight. I need so guidance and someone to hold me accountable to using it.


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